1. SSM039 Gerardo Smedile Feat. Rona Ray - Good Enough
    Gerardo Smedile, Rona Ray

  2. SSM038 JFC - Grease Is The World
    JFC, Francisco

  3. SSM036 Finest House Compilation Vol.2 (Summer 2019)

  4. SSM035 Inaki Garcia - Salinas
    Inaki Garcia

  5. SSM034 Mark Di Meo Feat. Mike City - Lost Time
    Mark Di Meo, Mike City

  6. SSM033 Mario Marques & Lee Taylor - Stronger
    Mario Marques, Lee Taylor

  7. SSM032 Reelsoul & Mark Di Meo - All That Matters
    Mark Di Meo, Reelsoul

  8. SSM031 Federico d'Alessio Feat. Rona Ray - Running Way
    Federico d'Alessio, Rona Ray

  9. SSM030 Clementson - In The Name Of Jazz

  10. SSM029 Giulio Bonaccio Feat. Aaron Gray - David Dance
    Giulio Bonaccio, Aaron Gray

  11. SSM028 Walter G - Father's Song
    Walter G

  12. SSM027 Soulista Feat. Rona Ray - Love Yourself
    Soulista, Rona Ray

  13. SSM026 Kai Djuric Feat. Phil D - Almost Blue
    Jai Djuric, Phil D

  14. SSM025 Bobby D'Ambrosio Feat. Stephanie Jeannot - Love Will Save The Day
    Bobby D'Ambrosio, Stephanie Jeannot

  15. SSM024 Feelosophy - Where Has Love Been (The Remixes)

  16. SSM023 Finest House Compilation Summer 2018

  17. SSM022 Walter G - Already Over
    Walter G

  18. SSM021 Hallex M Feat. Jocelyn Mathieu - Another Story, Another Crash
    Hallex M, Jocelyn Mathieu

  19. SSM020 Federico d'Alessio - Son Of The Stars
    Federico d'Alessio

  20. SSM019 Mark Di Meo Feat. Jocelyn Mathieu - 10k High
    Mark Di Meo, Jocelyn Mathieu

  21. SSM018 Kyle & Sheree Hicks - Never Alone
    Kyle Kim, Sheree Hicks

  22. SSM017 The L.O.V.E Project Feat. Shean Williams - I'm In Love
    The L.O.V.E. Project, Shean Williams

  23. SSM016 M.Caporale Feat. Tai Malone - Red Light
    M. Caporale, Tai Malone

  24. SSM015 Thomas Brenner - Beautiful Life
    Thomas Brenner, Asia Yarwood

  25. SSM014 ADE Sampler 2017

  26. SSM013 Rightside Feat. Maria Marcial - TKL
    Rightside, Maria Marcial

  27. SSM012 Groove Delivers - Sunset Boulevard
    Groove Delivers

  28. SSM011 Michele Chiavarini Feat. Tai Malone - When Will I Learn
    Michele Chiavarini, Tai Malone

  29. SSM010 Kai Djuric - Endless Dreams (The Remixes)
    Kai Djuric

  30. SSM009 Rob Hayes - To Be With You
    Rob Hayes, Geoff Butterworth

  31. SSM008 M.Caporale Feat. Pietro Nicosia - One Of Us
    M. Caporale, Pietro Nicosia

  32. SSM007 The Doggett Brothers Feat. Laura Jackson - Colours (The Remixes)
    The Doggett Brothers, Laura Jackson

  33. SSM006 Mark Di Meo Feat. Rona Ray - All About Love
    Mark Di Meo, Rona Ray

  34. SSM005 Papik Feat. Stefy Gamboni & Daniele Bengi Benati - Brivido Felino (The Remixes)
    Papik, Stefy Gamboni, Daniele Bengi Benati

  35. SSM004 Carlos Vargas - House Your Jazz EP
    Carlos Vargas

  36. SSM003 Luciano Gioia - Pacifico
    Luciano Gioia

  37. SSM002 Dalminjo Feat. Lenny Hamilton - Run
    Dalminjo, Lenny Hamilton

  38. SSM001 Giulio Bonaccio Feat. Stephanie Cooke - What I Need
    Giulio Bonaccio, Stephanie Cooke


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